Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

There has been considerable disruption over the weekend, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. It is understood that United, Virgin, American, Delta, JetBlue Southwest and US Airways cancelled flights to the New York tri-state area, Boston and Washington airports, as well as others along the East Coast. The airlines are offering refunds (typically in the form of vouchers) or waiving change fees. British Airways have confirmed they are offering the option to re-book or receive a refund to those customers whose flights are cancelled, most other airlines are following suit.

In terms of your travel insurance - typically the following will apply.

Cancellation cover

Cancellation cover is only available for the specified reasons i.e. death, injury, illness, HM forces, redundancy, jury service. No claims for cancellation will be considered. 

Departure delay

- Some passengers will be entitled to cover for departure delay, this will be determined upon receipt of completed claims form and supporting documentation.

- Some passengers will be entitled to abandonment if they have not left for their trip yet, and following their arrival at UK airport, their flight is delayed for over 12/24 hours (dependent on which policy) however this can only be claimed if they have not been reimbursed by their airline or offered an alternative trip.

- Missed departure will not apply for any passengers as this is for their outbound journey only, therefore their public transport will not be affected by the Hurricane.

All travellers to these areas should check with their travel provider before taking any action.

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