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As a result of the grounding of aircraft across Europe and the UK following the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the effect of the volcanic ash in the atmosphere, some travellers will be affected.

The position of your travel insurer is that the policy covers specified perils which are as stated in the policy. As this event is not one of those specified perils, there is no cover under the policy. 

Airlines cancelling flights are obliged to make a full refund, some may be able to offer alternative travel dates. You should contact your airline for confirmation.

If you have been stranded abroad, your insurance is automatically extended until the earliest date upon which you are able to return to the UK.

Those that have booked packages with a tour operator will be assisted by the travel firm but may be asked to cover any additional costs. You should check with your Tour Operator. 


If you have an annual multi trip policy, the policy covers any trip not exceeding 31 days. 

If you have a Single Trip policy, you will find under the definition of a Trip the following provision:

If due to unforeseen reasons beyond Your control the Trip cannot be completed within the Period of Insurance, cover will be extended for up to a maximum of 30 days at no extra cost. 

If your specific requirements are outside of these parameters, you will be required to pay additional premium to extend your period of insurance.

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