Swine Flu Pandemic

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Swine Flu Pandemic

Swine Flu Pandemic

Please see below a few scenarios that we hope will answer most if not all of your questions about Swine Flu and how cover applies or otherwise.

Insurers regard this pandemic in the same way as any other illness that may result in a claim under the policy.

In the event that you contract Swine Flu within a few days of departure, you are covered to cancel as long as you have seen a doctor and have received confirmation from the GP that you are not fit to travel.

If you self diagnose using the NHS websites you are only covered if you then consult your own GP and he/she confirms that you have the illness and are not fit to travel.

Essentially, a visit to a doctor will be necessary to substantiate any cancellation claim.

There is no cover for cancellation should the FCO issue advice against travel to a particular place. The tour operator will be responsible to source an alternative or make a refund.

You are not covered if you want to cancel due to the fear of contracting the illness.

If a carrier refuses boarding as they suspect that you have Swine Flu, you will need to be seen by the duty doctor who will have to provide a medical certificate confirming that you have the illness and are not fit to travel.

If you are quarantined having arrived at your destination as you have tested positive for the illness, you will be covered for any associated medical or accommodation costs incurred.

If quarantine results in extended stay, cover will automatically continue to apply.

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