Increased Excess versus Increased Premiums

Featured on Martin Lewis website  "If you would rather pay a high excess rather than a high outlay for the premium, Global Travel Insurance offers good rates" - says Martin Lewis

Daily Telegraph - featured product by Ask the Expert "Global uses a different business model to other travel insurers. Instead of increasing premiums with risk, it charges a higher excess on claims if a preexisting condition flares up and you have to make a medical claim."


Did you know that less than 5% of all persons that buy a travel insurance will ever need to make a claim, of any kind!

Not suprisingly, we have found that our customers would much rather take the chance, as slim as it is, and accept responsibility for a higher claim excess than being asked to pay upfront an additional premium, which in many cases can at least double the standard price of a travel insurance!

On the other hand, this statistic means that 95% of persons insured don’t make a claim at all, yet many will have paid such an increased premium – just in case.

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