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Featured on Martin Lewis website  "If you would rather pay a high excess rather than a high outlay for the premium, Global Travel Insurance offers good rates" - says Martin Lewis

If you have pre-existing health conditions and would rather not pay an increased premium to cover your conditions, then our Single Trip and Multi Trip products offer cover for existing health conditions at no extra charge if you travelling in Europe (other than Spain and its Islands).

There is no requirement for you to disclose your health conditions unless you are travelling to Spain or anywhere outside of Europe. You will be covered very simply, as long as none of the following Main Health Exclusions apply to you:

(1) You have not had symptoms which are awaiting or receiving investigation, tests, treatment, referral or the results of any of the foregoing;

(2) You do not have a terminal illness.

(3) You have not, within the last 12 months, been diagnosed with a medical condition or have been admitted or undergone a procedure/intervention.

(4) Your GP would advise against travel

(5) Medical treatment may be required during the duration of the Trip.



The only exception to our unique position of no medical screening in Europe is for Spain.  Spain is considered by insurers to be a very high risk area because of the cost of private medical treatment and the denial of the use of the state health service for EU citizens arriving with travel insurance.  It is common practice for the Spanish clinics to insist on payment by credit card and not to accept your EHIC.  Therefore, if you are using either our SINGLE TRIP or MULTI TRIP products, travellers to Spain or any other country outside of Europe, should disclose pre existing conditions and may be required to pay an additional premium. If you chose not to disclose your existing health conditions, no cover is provided should they lead to a claim.


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