Real Value For Older Travellers

Featured on Martin Lewis website  "If you would rather pay a high excess rather than a high outlay for the premium, Global Travel Insurance offers good rates" - says Martin Lewis


If you are looking for a reasonably priced travel insurance for a single trip or annual multi trip insurance, we have the right products for you in our Single Trip and Multi Trip products. 

Using our Single Trip product, we offer competitive prices for generous cover that requires no health declaration in order to have pre existing conditions covered for trips in Europe, with the exception of trips to Spain.  Cover on these terms is available right up to age 90 years.

Please review the summary of cover for each product.

Using our Multi-Trip product, the same criteria applies with cover available up to age 80 years.

Click on either Single Trip or Multi Trip from the menu on the left to see a summary of the cover and obtain a price for your trip.

Over 20 years of Experience we'll ensure you always get the best Deal.